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All of my furniture is designed and made from start to finish at my home shop. My one man shop is a post and beam monitor barn designed and built for light and ventilation.  I manage no more than two projects at a time but there is always a design idea waiting in the wings. I especially enjoy collaborating with my customers to design functional pieces to meet their needs. 


To bring my designs to light I begin by selecting high quality lumber. Staying mindful of the strength and natural beauty of the wood I select the grain to suit the piece I have in mind.  I especially enjoy working with cherry, black walnut and white oak.

Shpp interior 2.JPG

My shop is set up to mill rough lumber into usable stock quickly and efficiently.  This step is crucial to finding just the right grain for decorative pieces. 

I finish my pieces in a separate climate controlled room. I mix my own finishes depending on the intended use of the piece. I use shellac, varnish, oils and hand rubbing to bring out the character of the wood. 

Tenon detail.JPG

Once all of the elements are milled the handwork begins.  My furniture is constructed with careful hand joinery. All of my furniture is designed and built to last generations. 

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